Media Releases

Christmas Baskets deliver community spirit

Lange team helps victims of Fort McMurray wild fires

Lange awarded inaugural Give Back Award for company charitable contributions in 2013

"Ray Spiteri - Niagara Falls Reviewl"

"Marlene Habib - The Globe and Mail"

Going Green - Green Media Releases


With over 20 years in business, Lange has been recognized by a number of news organizations for different reasons, and thankfully always a positive reason. Many different articles have published the story about how our company did something nobody else has ever done in Canada, that is totally retrofit a 70,000 sq ft office and warehouse complex to geothermal for heating and air-conditioning. For those of you that have seen our home at 3965 Nashua Drive in Mississauga you would never know that our offices are kept at a cozy 72 degrees year round with no fossil fuel source.

Phase 2 Electric Charging Stations

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"Green Energy - Geo-Thermal Heating and Cooling"

"The Pearson Eco-Business Zone Sustainability Tour teaches green lessons"

"Transforming an energy glutton with geothermal engery"

"Geothermal Energy - More than just hot air"

"Energy savings from the ground up - Ontario company first in Canada to outfit large warehouse with Geothermal system, Jay Somerset reports"

"Business saves costs using geothermal heat"
Please note: Select Power did not go "bellyup" , it has closed its operations and we didn't get an "energy bill" we got a hydro bill"

"Lange digs deep to find biz solutions"