Media Releases

Lange delivers a CT machine to Georgian Bay General Hospital

Christmas Baskets deliver community spirit

Lange team helps victims of Fort McMurray wild fires

Lange awarded inaugural Give Back Award for company charitable contributions in 2013

"Ray Spiteri - Niagara Falls Reviewl"

"Marlene Habib - The Globe and Mail"

Going Green - Green Media Releases


With over 20 years in business, Lange has been recognized by a number of news organizations for different reasons, and thankfully always a positive reason. Many different articles have published the story about how our company did something nobody else has ever done in Canada, that is totally retrofit a 70,000 sq ft office and warehouse complex to geothermal for heating and air-conditioning. For those of you that have seen our home at 3965 Nashua Drive in Mississauga you would never know that our offices are kept at a cozy 72 degrees year round with no fossil fuel source.

Phase 2 Electric Charging Stations

"Monthly Sustainability CHAMPION - Eric Lange"

"Green Energy - Geo-Thermal Heating and Cooling"

"The Pearson Eco-Business Zone Sustainability Tour teaches green lessons"

"Transforming an energy glutton with geothermal engery"

"Geothermal Energy - More than just hot air"

"Energy savings from the ground up - Ontario company first in Canada to outfit large warehouse with Geothermal system, Jay Somerset reports"

"Business saves costs using geothermal heat"
Please note: Select Power did not go "bellyup" , it has closed its operations and we didn't get an "energy bill" we got a hydro bill"

"Lange digs deep to find biz solutions"